The 2013 Airush Team Series marks the 3rd year of designing pro ducts specifically for the Airush Pro Team, pushing the level and limits of performance. This range is a testament of what kiteboarding can achieve through new construction designs, like the Aramid Load Frame technology as well as use of carbon through our Active surf, Quad and Dual carbon constructions. Developing some of th e lightest, responsive, and highest performing equipment on the market – the 2013 Airush Team Series.



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As a dedicated five-line kite, the Razor attracts C-Kite enthus iasts, freestyle fanatics and wave purists with its highend performance. Designed by two-time Vice World Champion Alex Pastor, 2009 World Champion Bruna Kajiya, Dutch Champion Bas Koole, and up-and-coming rookie Oswald Smith – the 2013 Airush Razor retains the C-Kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders need. While retaining its famous pop/ unhooked abilities and kite looping, the Razor boasts great range and comfort for everyday riders. Never before has a kite delivered
such high levels of performance within easy reach of intermedia te riders. Now available in Bullet Proof Construction featured only on the Razor Team, the new Razor is built and tes ted to minimize impact-related damages and enhance responsiveness throughout the entire kite.




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The Airush Wave is the ultimate choice for serious surf riders. What makes the Airush Wave unique from others in its class is the Bullet Proof Construction, ensuring stabili ty and strength throughout the entire canopy. The Wave manages all the abuse that Mother Nature and you, the ride r, can throw at it. The Wave has excellent drifting capabilities that are absolutely necessary for riding in and out of critical sections. The large surface area in the wingtips creates a kite that steers quickly, while the S L-C shape and reduced LE diameter ensure smooth power delivery during bottom turns, and allows the kite to fly forward in the window – enhancing the unhooked
performance. The Airush Wave is the definition of perfection, f or all types of surf riding.


Aramid Load Frame Technology

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Airush revolutionizes the way kites are made with all-new Arami d Load Frame technology. Aramid – found in bulletproof vests – is strategically placed throughout the kite to create a frame that improves the kite’s structure and response. This construction absorbs impact throughout the canopy, minimiz es stretch and reduces the area between each seam – further increasing the strength of the kite . Not only does the frame create a solid structure, but also increases performance. The Aramid Load Frame creates a more solid link throughout the entire kite, which
enhances the response from rider to kite.

The Aramid Load Frame is only featured on the Razor Team and th e Wave – two ranges that get the biggest beating from our riders


X Protoy

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The Protoy is designed for the rider looking for refined freest yle performance with riding comfort, which is normally only found in a freeride board. The secret lies in the unique double-concave bottom combined with a continuous rocker and three-stage outline, allowing the Protoy to work perfectly in just about any conditions. The shape performs in conjunction with the high level of damping an d response found in our multi-zone Biotech core, combined with the Full Dual Carbon construction.


Dual Carbon

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The Dual Carbon Biotech construction offers an incredible combination of reduced weight with high durability in an intermediate flex board. The additional stiffness of the full Carbon fiber top and bottom layer allow us to reduce the core thickness and materials used, leading to a significant weight saving over a glass board. Both top and bottom decks feature a durable PPT top sheet layer to protect the laminate.

FS Team

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The FS Team has been developed to be the ultimate kiteboard on the market. Unique innovations in lamination, construction and core technology have enabled us to offer a pro duct that is simply lighter and more responsive at the stiffness required from a dedicated freestyle board. This unique development is the result of a complete rethink of the production process, along with the huge innovation found in the quad-layer multiaxial 100% carbon construction.


Quad Carbon Biotech

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The Airush Quad Carbon Biotech construction is a vertical wood core sandwich – containing a Paulownia core with ABS rail and tips. Through significant development of the quad layer multiaxial 100% carbon construction, we have been able to reduce overall weight for the same relative stiffness by up to 40%. However, the true secret to its performance is felt in the refinement of the response, where the four carbon layers are directionally optimized for torsion and longitudinal response. The result is an incredible combination of explosive pop, improved control on landing and increased ride comfort.


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The 5’4” combines the performance of a small wave surfboard wit h an incredible throw-around factor. The 5’4” features a concave deck for low centre of drive and improved strapless performance. The 5’6” is the perfect allround performer; the medium volume ensures great performance in a diverse range of onshore to cross-onshore conditions. Ideal for medium to heavier and lightwind riders, the 5’8” absolutely rips while having enough buoyancy for paddle surfing for an advanced 85 kg rider in small surf (up to shoulder height). The 5’10” has a unique design, pushing the envelope of extreme lightwind wave performance by allowing you to ride aggressively in the most marginal conditions. At the same time, the 5’10” Cypher has wave-engineered heritage which ensures significant crossover surf potential.


Active Technology

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The Key to the Active Stringer’s strength is the stiff and ultra lightweight carbon I-beam through the centre of the board.

The secret to the Active Stringers flex is the high memory polypropylene layer that allows the full biaxial carbon skins to flex and compress within a working range.

Smartbar 4

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The 2013 Smartbar 4 becomes the first and only bar on the market with four size options, fitting the smallest to the largest Airush kites. In addition to the 45-55cm push pin adjustment, the Smartbar 4 features an additional two sizes (52 and 62) of adjustment with the all- new PU
rubber coated Airush bar ends. Maintaining its position as the definitive bar choice for all riders by integrating the industry-leading B rain Quick Release, the Smart Bar 4 remains simplistic yet highly intuitive. The 2013 Smartbar 4 is extremely tunable, safe and easy to use. Line
combinations of 3/6/14m segments gives the rider more customization, allowing the Smartbar 4 to be flown on 24, 21, 18, 15, or 10m lines!

Improvements include the new Low Y System, which integrates a single front-line flag out that ensures peace of mind and meets safety standards, while also increasing kite performance. Airush keeps the hardcore rider in mind with double PU coated line – the only choice for a durable sheeting line – which will give you years of usage. With these new additions to 2013, the Smartbar 4 is a truly smart package.

2013 Bar End

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All new on the 2013 Smartbar 4 and Analog Bar is the redesigned bar end, packed with updates to make your Airush bar even better! The 2013 bar end features Soft Touch – a PU coated casing which provides protection for riders and their boards – as well as the built-in bar adjuster which gives an extra 3.5cm of quick adjustment on both sides. The structure of the 2013 bar end also increases the strength of the entire piece, resulting in a more reliable, durable part.

AFT Teams

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The AFT Team combines dual Velcro closure, and integrated molded EVA arms without AFT Footbed. This provides maximum comfort and durability, which top riders such as Alex Pastor and Bas Koole need for those endless sessions. Easy entry allows riders to quickly adjust the strap, while the double Velcro closure customizes the tension of the front and back of the strap, adjusting to different foot shapes.

Foot Forming System

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Lycra-covered ergonomic thermoformed EVA arms ensures an all- encompassing foot system that secures the foot without any hard edges (due to the seamless integration from EVA pad to EVA arm). This enables the use of a sleeve strap, which is lighter and moves in conjunction with your foot’s natural movement. A side stiffening plate ensures structural integrity and smooth sliding of the EVA arms during tightening.

Team Series Harness

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The Airush waist harness offers an exceptional blend of support and comfort. Support is achieved by combining a pre-shaped load plate with a 3D-molded internal and external construction. The full neoprene soft edge and neoprene inner belt maximizes the comfort of the harness. The dual-stage belt system allows the rider to set the level of belt support, by adjusting or bypassing the secondary belt if preferred.
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